Morning Musume — “Morning Coffee” Natsume Abe

nacchi! she is so cute! and the short baby-faced looking one during Morning Coffee! i’m so glad i got to be part of this group! ^^; i say that every time i do a group project! but i’m so thankful everytime i’m asked! *happy* i’m also so happy i got to be nacchi also! since i’m the shortest member of USA Musume i wouldn’t usually be able to choose nacchi, since she’s a medium-height person in the newer songs… but in Morning Coffee, she’s the shorty! XD nacchi is so cute and has the eternal baby face! i thought it was funny when my wushu friends asked me how old the pictures were since they thought they were really old! not just two months!

construction time! there isn’t much construction actually to this costume. the shirts were bought since we were running out of time, and we found them for cheap online! my boots were found by annie! yay annie! we were searching forever for boots! @_@

the only thing for us that was actually made were the skirts. we took a simple pattern and altered it to be what we saw on the live performance video clip we all had. each of them are slightly difference, since we all were confused to what was going on. and ou! >_< that red plaid was a pain to work with! fraying everywhere! i think everyone’s mothers were complaining about what a mess it made! thank goodness for a serger! but, in the end, they all look really good!

the difference between my costume and the other girls from MC were that nacchi has short hair, (bought the wig… yep! it’s a wig!) and nacchi wears a ring and has _one_ earring! yup, just one. both the earring and ring were purchased at a Claire’s ! yay for cheapness *_*

that’s constuction! not much of it, right? hee hee, pictures were sometimes a pain, but they all came out wonderful! having RECCA-con at a college, and dressing up as schoolgirls worked out perfectly! *hugs the UM girls* O-HA! =D

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Sannin Matsuri — “Chu! Natsu Party” Ai Kago

Shoubu! Shoubu! Shoubu Shoubu Party Party! Yay!!!

i “L-O-V-E lovely Hi-to-mi” this costume!!! *hugs hugs* this is my favorite costume to date! this is my cutest costume ever! ever ever! *hugs hugs it* it is the bestest costume!!! even though i had flipping skirt-action, it is still the bestest, cutest, and most comfortable costume!!! i love the wig! i love the shirt! i love the skirt! i love the shoes! and the make up! and the jewelry! and all the cute pictures! *lub lub! lub lub!*

ok! enough ranting and raving about how much i adore this costume! i was asked long long time ago last year by Tiff and Claudia to do Kago-chan from Sannin Matsuri… (luckily is short) and i wanted to originally do Rika… since she is my fave Momosu girl, but i love love Kago too! so… happy! um… so that’s my story of how i got to be Kago-chan! *huggles Tiff and Kie* soooo happy to cosplay with them! they’re sooo cute as Aya and Rika! ^.^ and Wayne-sama is waaaaaaaaaay better than Tsunku! and waay way way way cuter too! =D *glompies*

ok… so i realized that wasn’t construction talk either! ok hmm… let’s start with the top!

the dark pink spandex was sooo perfect. and no. that wasn’t just fabric. we actually painted on the pattern using fabric paint and fine tip brushes. lots of work. took me 2 and half night to work on it! tiff made these super cool stencils *_* then i drew them on the fabric with a fabric marker, then painted… and painted… and with such tiny detail… the time really added up! you can ask bro… he was playing Shenmue whilst i was drawing! he said i was crazy, but that it looked really nice. the top actually also has a nice invisible zipper on the size with a sleeve! yep! i bet you didn’t know that! XD and all the lining was handsewn on *nods*

the skirt was… well needs to be touched up! after getting my computer fixed… and able to see pictures of her skirt… the two weeks before expo, my computer had a problem with is D drive and would not play my CDs… and i had lots of upper-body shots of Kago… so i sort of winged the skirt ^_^; it came out alright right? way too “flashy” but at least it was finished… (dies at the thought of it being finished at the con)

thank goodness to annie though! *hug hugs* she totally helped me sew on the gathered ruffles while i was doing make up, since it was almost show-time! plus! she showed me how to heat-n-bond the flowers on my skirt front… since i’ve never used heat-n-bond before!

ou and the shorts… ^_^; i made my own pattern for them, and machine sewed it… then i painted the “333 333″ at the con since kie had the right paint ^^;

the wig and bubble flowers were styled and made by tiff! sooooo cute!!! and the shoes were painted by tiff and kie! they are the most perfect and comfy shoes in the world! tiff was right about wanting to run around in them!

the bracelets and necklaces were all handpainted by me or beaded together nods* =D yay for jumprope!

as i said… this is my favorite costume the i own! it’s so happy! the best part was when people would tell me “Just looking at you makes me happy!” ^__^ ureshii ne!

please visit peiji for group pics!!!

UPDATE!!! 07-10-03

so i totally revamped my skirt for AX 2003!!! and i love it! my ruffles on my skirt look totally professional!!! XD hehehehe yes… i did make all of them! and i shortened the skirt and top a bit. i also remade my belt to be a curved belt instead of it just being straight!

oh! and yay for re-hairspray my wig! the curls are soooo much better now that they’re not fallign out due to lack of hairspray! ^.^v yaaay! i love this costume!

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Max Callahan’s Judge’s Award for Presentation

FUN FUN costume! i loved Pai Mei so much in the movie! it honestly was my favorite part of Kill Bill: Vol. 2! everything about him! just so great. i decided afterward watching the movie that Gordan Liu was so bad ass as Pai Mei that i needed to make my own costume one day! i was thinking for PMX, but wasn’t too sure due to time constraints… (PMX being scheduled the weekend right after finals week for me). i got crazy enough to decide to make the costume and construction took me from Thursday-Saturday before i went to the con on Sunday morning!

here’s my schedule of how and when i made it.
wednesday: thought of costume. looked for pics online, made fab estimates and pattern search through my collection.
thursday: had a final. drove to L.A. fabric district, bought my black and my creme fabric for $1 per yard for everything! yay woo! $15 total for all my fabric! i had leftover gold fabric from my Sora costume which i planned to use for the collar. arrived home. drew pattern for pants. made creme pants. drew out pattern for creme chinese top/shirt. went to work. after work went to joann’s to buy white tassle material. then cut out fabric for the creme top/shirt.

friday: took my last final! woo! out of school! went to a local wig shop and got white wig. went home and finished the rest of the creme top/shirt. went to work. home and styled wig. prepared crepe hair for eyebrows and prepared hair from wig for beard. made eyebrows and beard. drew pattern for black robe/vest~thing. (if you can tell, i’m horrible with names of stuffs).

saturday: went to work. made vest and tassels. used wushu belt for the black belt. used old pre-maid white over-socks? for socks.

sunday: went to PMX and had a rockin’ time freaking out people i knew pretending to be an old man! haha! i thought that was the best part! especially friends who just know that Pai Mei rocks… but didn’t know it was a girl they knew who dressed up as an old man!

thanks so much to Jason… a.k.a. Udonboy for being in my skit last minute! i actually talked to him Saturday night on AIM and asked him if he was free Sunday to go to the con and be in my skit! he dressed up as an awesome Neo (from The Matrix)! below is a cool picture from of Pai Mei about to do the 5-point palm on Neo! i also pulled out his eyeball earlier too! but i don’t have a good pic of that! ^^

10-24-04 extra notes! if you are attempting to make this costume… you should have some experience with basic costume construction. 2nd… you should have some knowledge on basic theatre make-up. sticking cotton balls on your face is not going to make a convincable beard. i really suggest you study the entire costume and basic construction before purchasing anything.

as it says above… i made the entire costumes with patterns i either drafted myself or altered from previously purchased patterns. if you don’t know what a pattern is… o_o then i have no idea how you make costumes. the costume itself is basic sewing, which is why it was constructed in such a short time. i’ve had basic training in theatrical make-up and that’s how i was able to do my make-up, beard, and eyebrows. i made my beard and eyebrows on my own out of crepe hair. *as it says above*

i don’t really know what to say about the wig… except it was styled with lots of pins and tons of hairspray. if you’re having a really difficult time styling it, have a girl who you know is good with hair, or go to a wig stylist. p.s. — white wig caps will hide bald spots of the wig. (another basic costume tip.)

that’s all i’m ever going to say about this costume! please do not email me regarding questions about this costume. i’m surprised that this costume gets the most emails, because i consider it a very easy costume. if you need more help on construction, please visit or another forum where people give advice on costume construction, wig styling, and make-up. thanks!

EXTRA PICS taken at Anime Expo 2004 — all photos awesomely taken by Dean! *_*

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(Suikoden 2/Gensou Suikoden 2) -Tomo

Hee hee… not bad for a 2 day costume! ^_^ I made it specially for Con-densed Milk 2… ^^; and actually because I didn’t want to wear my Nanami costume ( my hair’s too long ) and the I-play girls… mainly Karrie told me they were going to wear Suikoden 2 costumes ^^;;; so I decided… might as well make a new costume! I was debating between Futch, Sierra, and Tomo… heh heh… it’s not good having multiple artbooks for Suikoden… then I have pictures of all the 108 stars… ^^; but it turned out ok!

ok! time for construction notes and for me to forget how to use the shift key for capital letters… heh heh =D ( well, except for faces o_o )

first i made the pants. i made my own pattern really fast by using my pajama pants… and sewed it… ^^; i don’t know, it was simple! i made it drawstring, so i wouldn’t have to deal with elastic or buttons… and these type of pants are supposed to be drawstring ^^; the bottoms of the pants… well they’re “high-waters” and have a black string around the bottom, and i um… made holes as though buttons were going to go through it… then just put a black ribbon through the holes to make the ties ^^? next piece of clothing!

tomo is actually wearing 2 shirts! i made the under-shirt first. it’s a long sleeved white shirt with ties on both sides ( just like a karate gi top ), then added white blanket… um lining? to the um… o_o middle opening part! heh heh… the blue top was made the same way except with short sleeves. ^^;

shoes… heh heh… i just used my fei yue’s =p ( the bestest brand of wushu shoes! ) ^^; heh heh

hair and accessories… well, my hair actually is a bit too long for tomo… so i just tied it up conveniently so i’d be a bit shorter ^^; the only accessory i had was my “spear” which actually is my staff from wushu… and i had ribbons and a fake pointy spear-part on the end, but that was undone with everyone playing with it ^_^;;;

tomo is cool! heh heh… i’m sure the pictures would have turned out beter if i had sleep ^^; suikoden rules!

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