Looking for a reliable and reputable domain name registrar? Here are the 5 best domain name registration service providers to use in 2019!
When you start looking for domain name registrars, a big surprise is waiting for you – there are hundreds of domain name registrars out there and choosing the right one seems like an impossible task.
Are all those domain registrars different? Can one offer anything that the others can’t?
We want to make things simpler for you – by analyzing and comparing some of the best services on the market.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name Registration Service Provider

There are some factors that make some domain registrars better than others. For example, things like what you want to do with your domain in the future, how you are planning to build your website or online store, and etc.
Here are some common things to consider when choosing your domain registrar:
Always shop around, analyze, and compare. Don’t forget to check the price of your desired domain with several domain registrars. The price differences, in some cases, can be huge.
Try working with ICANN-accredited domain name registration service provider. Working with a reputable registrar is safer.
If you prefer a country-specific domain, always check the prices with local domain name registrars.
Consider getting the domain name, and the web hosting plan from the same company.
Think about what else you need, besides a domain name and web hosting. If security, privacy, and other details are important to your business, check which domain registrars come with SSL certificates.

The Best Domain Name Registrars 2019

Here is a list of the 5 best domain name registrars to use in 2019:
  • GoDaddy: One of the leaders of domain names market. According to the latest research, they have over 50 million domain names registered by now. This is an ICANN-accredited company that operates worldwide. GoDaddy offers all major-specific domain name extensions including the new generic TLDs. You can also find domain auctions where you can buy existing domains that have been used by other people or businesses in the past.
  • Namecheap:An ICANN-accredited company, with 1.3 million domains registered. They are getting a lot of attention because of their affordable prices and other services such as SSL certificates and web hosting. This company offers classic domain extensions, country-specific extensions, and new generic TLDs at fair prices.
  • Shopify:Shopify is not a typical domain name registrar. It is a number one ecommerce platform for building ecommerce websites and selling online. Shopify also offers a domain name registration service. This company makes it super easy for you to purchase and manage your domain. Once you register and choose a monthly plan, you can register your own custom domain name. Shopify offers free web hosting for all users (regardless of the monthly plan you’ve selected). This is a great solution if you want to take care of website building, domain registration, and web hosting under one roof.
  • OVH:A French company, operating as a leading domain registration service providers in the EU. They don’t offer domains to US customers as they devote most of their services and resources to serving the EU market. This company offers classic domains extensions, new generic TLDs, and all European country-specific top-level domains.
  • 1AND1:With over 5 million domains under their belt, this company operates all over the world. This is an ICANN-accredited company offering classic domains extensions, country-specific TLDs, and new generic extensions.
 Choosing the right domain name registrar for your website or online store is a vital step towards building a successful ecommerce business.

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